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 Innovation that matters.pngTechnology is becoming the most strategic Business Asset for enabling organizations to compete in today's Better, Cheaper, Faster economy.  Business leaders expect that their investments in IT should just work.  They should be available, perform efficiently, and be secure.  Delivering on these expectations is the "ante" for IT Business Relevance.

Is your business technology infrastructure considered by your executives to be a cost, or is it a foundational investment?  When you realize that on average - $3 out of every $4 in a typical IT budget goes to maintaining the "Business as Usual" infrastructure - Relevance could become an area for concern for both Business and IT leaders.

Delivering a reliable and available infrastructure is critical to business success.  But, is it Relevant to tomorrow's competitive advantage or is it table stakes for today?  These are the kinds of issues we help our clients understand and respond to.

Tallgrass Technologies is a successful Midwest IT Consulting Firm (ranked #3 in the Kansas City area and #2 in Networking based on a recent listing by the Kansas City Business Journal - August, 2014).  We are also a member of the Solution Provider Top 500.   Since 1987, our focus has been on understanding and delivering results within relevant technology areas that will enable our Clients to realize business success.

As an IT Consulting Firm, organized around business relevant Technology Practice Areas, our value proposition starts with understanding the challenges facing our Client's Leadership Teams (both business and technical).  Our services offerings including participating with your teams do accomplish a project, doing the project for you or taking responsibility for the entire project.  Understanding the challenge is just the first step.  Helping create a response is what makes the value proposition worthwhile.

Today's IT Leadership teams are experiencing an explosion of requirements from their business colleagues to deliver access, collaboration and content to the users (both the business and the customers).  While technology vendors continue to make hardware cheaper and faster, today's hardware remains challenged to keep up with the processing demands of business and the growth in data.  Business as usual decisions are not delivering the needed and expected results as consistently as needed.

Additionally, business expects that IT actions and decisions will deliver solutions that align with today's disruptive technology trends (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud).  In a sentence, Technology is becoming the most Strategic Asset to the Business and Business expects that IT should "just work." Based on these demands, our teams develop strategies and implement solutions that deliver on those requirements to the Business.

What we have learned, is that while our Clients' Business objectives may vary across different industries, their challenges are very similar in that they must Enable Strategic Capabilities.

What we believe, is that the approach to acquiring these Strategic Capabilities begins with............ The Engagement Methodology Framework, that has as its focus:Engagement Management Framework.png

  • Understanding the business goals and expected benefits/impacts of the proposed initiative
  • Confirming the current state process/solution/existing investments and skill sets
  • Evaluating key technology/solution alternatives
  • Collaborating with our client to develop the action plan to achieve the business goals and impacts
  • Implementing an effective solution guided by our Service Management Disciplines

eXPERIENCE.pngHaving a proven partner with capabilities that span multiple business-critical technologies is an ally to help you respond to managing your infrastructure and delivering business responsiveness.  Our competencies and partner relationships across key technologies are what our clients expect from their strategic technology partners and we deliver.  We don't make the technologies - we help you get more value from them in your environment.


Our Clients include many of the leading companies in the region.

Tallgrass Clients.png 

Your choice of a partner often determines your success.  Choose the best Tallgrass Technologies

To learn more about the offerings from Tallgrass Technologies, contact Rich Kaminsky, Services Solutions Manager at Tallgrass Technologies -