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Tallgrass Resource Profiles

GUIDING.png Tallgrass Technologies maintains a staff of talented consultants who work in our Professional Services Practice Areas (augmented by our partner ecosystem).  Our consultant capabilities are reflected in the following Resource Profiles

At Tallgrass Technologies we understand that clients not only need full time resources, but skilled and quality resources for program or project based work.  The challenge is how to deliver the same high quality of work product via subcontract as those who are permanent hires. Clients have multiple choices to staff to meet  technology needs.

  • You can contract with a major vendor.  They have expertise and the consultants have access to the Development teams.  The major vendors are typically the most expensive option.
  • You can contract with a placement group (body shop).  They have access to people.  But, if the person doesn't have all the answers your projects can be slowed down.

Or you can contract with Tallgrass Technologies for a Skilled Resource and get a Virtual IT Team. 

  • We have access to people, and our people are a part our Practice Areas
  • If our consultants don't have the answer, they have a team of highly skilled resources to reach out to and consult with in support of our clients. 
  • And, because of our Gold status with multiple vendors, our Practice teams have access to the vendor Development teams

Getting more value for your investment only makes sense when you get results in supporting your business.  Tallgrass Technologies gets results for our clients - business impacting results.  The more you learn about Tallgrass Technologies and our offerings, the more you will want to talk with us.

Why Just Buy a Guy when you Could Get a Team?

Every Tallgrass  employee is committed to the Tallgrass Vision and Mission Statement.   The only way we can earn and maintain our trusted advisor status is by consistently delivering solutions that exactly meet our Clients' needs.  We work WITH our Clients, using our core technology competencies integrated into our selected Practice Areas.