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Advanced IT Infrastructure Practice Area

Is Business as Usual Delivering the Needed Results?Advanced Infrastructure.png

The pace of technology change continues to accelerate.  This creates multiple choices when you evaluate what technology decisions you will make.  Tallgrass understands that making successful decisions must incorporate hardware, software, people, and processes.  This is where our unique value proposition as a partner with multiple vendors becomes most evident to our clients.   Vendors are constrained to their own "version" of the solution.  This is "Business as Usual."  Does it have to be this way?  Our clients are telling us that the traditional decisions of the past (Business as Usual) are not delivering the same predictable results.  Fixing a problem in one area may create problems in other areas.  Do you have a choice?  How will you respond to the challenges of today?

The Tallgrass Approach

Clients are used to contacting multiple suppliers, telling them the specifications of the technology they are looking for, and then asking for availability and price.  Our focus is on our Clients' success.  We will consult on your business requirements, confirm your unique skills, direction and legacy investments, and then provide alternatives.  For alternatives, we work with industry relevant providers to provide the "best" alternative, which is one that:

  • leverages your previous investments and expertise
  • addresses your critical technology challenges
  • provides a going forward "road map" that may include converged infrastructures (if all you have is a hammer then every problem is a nail)
  • enables us to leverage our GOLD Partner status with selected technology leaders. 
  • understanding their future development plans because we have access to their Development teams, enables us to provide our clients with business optimized solutions

Converged Infrastructure in Your Environment

Where can your organization benefit from converged infrastructure? It's an ideal platform for:

Tallgrass Technologies Primary Advanced Infrastructure Partners

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Special Note

 A major management consulting firm described these challenges as follows:

"IT leaders are expected to simultaneously improve the quality of the services they provide, keep up with technological advances, reduce errors and mishaps, simplify the user experience, protect the company against cyber security threats, embrace openness and social media, realize the benefits of digitization, and maximize the value they get from their many vendors.  They must do all this while spending less and less money.  The landscape of services they are expected to provide is increasingly complex and expensive, even as the overall skill level of the IT talent pool declines."