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Managing today's data centers requires in-depth knowledge of multiple technologies.  This includes both deep domain expertise and knowledge of interoperability between functions to realize the reliability, performance and cost-efficiencies required. Tallgrass has deep technical expertise in the most critical technology functions and has the architectural knowledge and experience to help you run resilient and efficient data centers.  We believe this understanding of interoperability, of "the right tools to do the right jobs" helps yield the best business results from IT.

We are leaders in our geography in offering unique software infrastructure solutions that redefine the ability to realize improved performance and reduced capital expenditures.  We call this "Business Optimization". 

Other Advanced Infrastructure offerings include:  Storage and Backup, Server Solutions, Networking Solutions, Virtualization, Applications Sizing, Migrations and Other Data Center Strategies, Portal Strategies, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Identity Management (IDM), Business Intelligence