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Many clients struggle with managing and optimizing their Oracle software assets.  They could be paying too much for their licenses (have more copies than they need which results in shelf ware that is not contributing to the bottom line).  Or, they might be under licensed which puts them at risk for an audit and significant unplanned expenditures.  The Oracle License Management Practice works with our clients to efficiently and effectively manage, control and track licenses to help reduce enterprise risks and improve budgeting and financial controls. 

The first step in addressing business relevant technology challenges is to understand and validate the current and future spend and to understand the nuances in Enterprise contracts - nuances that can cost real money.  Tallgrass becomes an advocate for you, the Client, in your negotiations with Oracle.  We have helped our Clients maintain compliance, meet their business plans, and save millions of dollars with this proven Practice Area.

‚ÄčThis service can be conducted at no charge to our Clients as long as they acquire the resulting licensing through Tallgrass Technologies.

If you would like to learn more about how Tallgrass can help you stay compliant and get the most from your investments in Oracle licensing, contact us and we will arrange a complimentary introduction with the Practice Lead.