Performance Optimization #3: Design and Architect for Speed

RAS on a budget...

A Reliable, Available and Scalable (RAS) information technology infrastructure has been and still is a necessary Business Imperative. IT organizations are measured by how they deliver against these critical operational key performance indicators. Businesses expect that their Customers and executives can get access to the information they want, when they want it, and using the devices of their choice.

Is delivering a solution with RAS good enough for today? The answer is NO. Budget and speed are now a part of the formula for success. Consider the following examples.....

Providing customers with access to account data is part of the cost of doing business. This company was delivering this access through a mainframe. Reliable, Available and Scalable - Yes. The Executive team knew they had to provide access, but realized they needed to conserve their budget for projects that would give them a competitive advantage. This application was important, but did not provide competitive advantage. They are investigating a more cost effective platform for this application. They are not compromising on access, just changing their expectation of costs (i.e., budget).

Many companies have dedicated servers running dedicated applications. They did this because of budget (my department needs this application so I will acquire the server and disks to meet my needs. No problem - I have the budget). The cost of updating the platform to current releases, modernizing to supported platforms, the cost for data center floor space, and the cost of people to administer these systems is driving many of these organizations to "virtualization". Again, the business drivers are budget and speed.


How can you increase your odds for getting these benefits as a part of your KPIs?

Tallgrass Technologies and Performance Optimization

Our Performance Optimization practice offerings include assessing your infrastructure, your investments, your skills, and your business users' needs. We confirm the results and then work with you to architect a solution that will deliver Reliability, Availability and Scalability and help you deliver more, faster and for less investment while positively improve user satisfaction.

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