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Key Technology Alternatives

Is Business as Usual Delivering the Needed Results?

The pace of technology change continues to accelerate.  This creates multiple choices when you consider what technology decision you will make.  Tallgrass understands that making successful decisions must incorporate hardware, software, people and processes.  This is where our unique value proposition as a partner with multiple vendors becomes most evident to our clients.   

Vendors are constrained to their own "version" of the solution. 

  • Some vendors serve a narrow segment of the total solution.  While there is value in their focused offerings, they could result in a siloed solution with the risk of reduced incremental value.  Many times they address symptoms and move the problem to another part of the infrastructure. 
  • Other vendors deliver a more complete "stack".  However, their recommendation is to replace every other technology with their solution.  This rip and replace mentality does not consider your existing investments and your skills.

This is "Business as Usual", but does it have to be this way?  Our clients are telling us that the traditional responses of the past (Business as Usual) are not delivering the same predictable results they did in the past.  Fixing a problem in one area may create problems in other areas.  Do you have a choice?  How will you respond to the challenges of today?  These challenges were described by a major management consulting firm as follows:

"IT leaders are expected to simultaneously improve the quality of the services they provide, keep up with technological advances, reduce errors and mishaps, simplify the user experience, protect the company against cyber security threats, embrace openness and social media, realize the benefits of digitization, and maximize the value they get from their many vendors.  They must do all this while spending less and less money..." 

The Tallgrass Approach 

We focus on our Clients' success by partnering with best-in-class providers for their products within focused technology areas.  Supporting relevant technology solutions from multiple providers enables us:

  • to leverage your previous investments and expertise when addressing your critical technology challenges
  • to have more flexibility than a "rip and replace" only strategy based on a single vendor's offerings
  • to have a broader perspective than a "siloed" approach (if all you have is a hammer then every problem is a nail)
  • to leverage our GOLD Partner status with selected technology leaders to understand future development plans, to have access to Development teams, and to provide our clients with effectively priced solutions

We represent vendors that we consider to have competitive and "best-in-class" offerings.  

Servers and Converged Infrastructure Solutions 

Today's servers are expandable, powerful and more energy efficient.  They deliver the Reliability, Availability and Scalability needed to support the proven tactical direction of virtualization.  Tallgrass partners with the following server providers:


HP is an acknowledged leader across critical technology areas:

  • They are one of the market leaders in Enterprise System computing infrastructures
  • They have unique business arrangements with key software components to maximize the value of on-premise data centers
  • They are the leader in Personal Computers (desktops and notebooks) enabling our Clients to maximize the value of their investments in the Windows operating platform
  • They are the leaders in Printers and in Managed Print Services.  This capability allows our Clients to focus on their business not the managing of printing devices and disposables.

Our relationship with HP (we are a GOLD Partner) enables us to support our clients as they respond to their business challenges:

  • Server upgrades to provide more powerful, faster and more energy efficient infrastructures
  • Virtualization across servers
  • Interconnectivity and integration and communications between processing devices
  • Asset Management (to get the best combination of investment/performance/return on investment)
  • Managed Print Services to reallocate staff resources from the "care and feeding" of printers to activities that will generate business value while simultaneously managing the costs of this critical function
  • Reference Architectures and configurations for "Converged Infrastructure"

To learn more about our HP offerings contact us at 

A Different Approach to Provisioning for Today's Data Centers 

Convergence eliminates silos of people, process and technology. Converged infrastructure allows you to design, build, and maintain segments of the virtualization stack, while supporting an on-demand growth model.

Converged Infrastructure in Your Environment

Where can your organization benefit from converged infrastructure? It's an ideal platform for:


SimpliVity Converged Infrastructure

SimpliVity is a leader in converged infrastructure for the software-defined data center. Its unique data architecture contributes to a 300% reduction in total cost of ownership. SimpliVity's Data Virtualization Platform introduces performance and capacity efficiency by eliminating unnecessary IO and redundancy. It deduplicates, compresses and optimizes data at inception, and keeps it in that state for its lifecycle. Integrated data protection eliminates the need for complex and costly add-on backup software and hardware. You can back up locally or store backups at a remote site. SimpliVity offers unified global management across multi-node and multi-site converged infrastructure federations, via a vCenter interface. SimpliVity takes a VM-centric point of view and tracks what data belongs to which virtual machine. This enables greater virtual machine mobility. 

Our focus on Business Optimization Services results in a more effective utilization of your investments in.  To learn more about our server offerings contact us at

PC's and Desktops 

Tallgrass Technologies provides our Clients with a choice in PC's and Desktops.  Our partnerships include HPLenovo, and others to give you the most flexibility and options.

To talk with us about your PC and Desktop requirements, contact us at

Engineered Systems

Tallgrass Technologies has worked with Oracle's Engineered Systems from the day's of Solaris.  Our expertise is configuring and delivering solutions that meet your business requirements.

Software Offerings

 Our software offerings include:

  • Database, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management solutions from Oracle Corporation
  • Core offerings from Microsoft including Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint and Data Center operating systems including virtualization
  • Virtual IT offerings which include data backup solutions
  • Business Optimization Software Solutions:
    • Condusiv for managing the I/O blender effect of virtualization in a Windows environment
    • Silver Peak for managing WAN optimization
    • Access to many other software solutions to manage your need for efficient and effective operations in the data center
  • Business Solutions:
    • We are a NetSuite partner (full accounting with integrated financials, CRM, ERP, Warehousing and other business functions)

To talk with us about your Software requirements, contact your Tallgrass Account Executive or contact our inside sales group at