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Microsoft Solutions Practice Area

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Infrastructure and Performance

The Microsoft Infrastructure is a staple in most organizations.  From databases to desktop productivity tools (imagine running your business without EXCEL) to e-mail and Content Management, Microsoft technology affects business success.  Tallgrass Technologies can help you get the most from your Microsoft investments from performance to virtualization to security.


Collaboration and information sharing, both within an organization and with customers, are key business capabilities for the 21st Century organization.  SharePoint connects employees across the enterprise so they can engage, share ideas, and reinvent the way they work together.  SharePoint helps you organize information, people, and projects.  SharePoint makes it easy to find answers, discover insights, and connect with experts.

A Client project:

The Client was a successful SharePoint user - for both internal information sharing and for managing communications with their customers.  The project was to help them take advantage of the enhanced capabilities of SharePoint 2013 (they were using a previous version).  We engaged with their internal team and developed a project that enabled them to move from their previous version to the most current version.

Future Client requirements will expand the value and improve their performance and availability.


Managing and coordinating e-mail and schedules is critical to productivity.  The Exchange solution is the leading tool to provide this personal productivity.  Tallgrass provides planning and implementation and migration services around this business-critical tool.

Microsoft Business Intelligence

Excel is the number 1 tool used in most organizations for planning and budgeting.  The value of Business Intelligence is access to complete and current information so decisions can be made more predictively today.  The Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions manage access to data, extraction and transformation and cleansing of this data, storing the data as actionable information in a data warehouse, and delivering the data to the users/applications when it has value.

Tallgrass understands the business value of Business Intelligence and has resources to assist our clients implement the Microsoft solutions.