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The .NET Developer – engages to communicate with both business and technology teams around needs on both the front end of the process (UIs) and the back end (data and process).  The Developers  create, develop and document designs, configurations, and prepare and deliver projects in response to client requirements.  In addition, this resource participates in assessments, deployments, migrations and upgrade, provides knowledge transfer to internal team members, client technical staff and presents briefings to client management.

Role Responsibilities

  • Documents designs, configurations and project results
  • Provides hand-on delivery of development, testing and production deployments
  • Participates in design assessments
  • Executes engagements independently or as a part of a team (Tallgrass and Client participants)
  • Addresses engagement requirements with minimal need to escalate to additional resources
  • Uses a consultative approach to develop, present and explain the value of the proposed development solutions to clients

Required Skills

  • Ability to work on a team in a large project and the ability to work independently and own a project from start to finish
  • Good communication skills
  • Familiarity with, and use of, Microsoft products (Office, Visual Studio, etc.) and environments (Windows, networks, etc.).
  • .NET skillset should include:
    • Solid, demonstrated, knowledge of the fundamentals of Object Oriented design patterns using the .NET framework.
    • Working with and connecting to a variety of data sources, including databases, files, and services
    • File manipulation; creation, population, reading
    • System Reflection and dynamic object creation
    • Data type manipulation, conversion, and formatting; including abstract and inherited objects.
    • Work within hierarchical code environments, containing multiple levels of interfaces and inherited objects.
    • Solid understanding of how to work within an event driven environment.
  • SQL Skillset should include
    • Table manipulation; creation, population, and usage of all types of tables, including in-memory temp tables.
    • Ability to efficiently create and use stored procedures and functions.
    • Fundamental understanding of cursors and how to use them.
    • Data type manipulation, conversion, and formatting.
    • A high degree of proficiency with queries and the concepts of different types of unions and the ability to use these types of unions effectively to achieve the desired result set.


  • Bachelor's Degree in related discipline


  • 5 or more years experience

If you would be interested in joining the Tallgrass Technologies team, and have the skills and experience listed above, contact Steve Garcia (