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Content and Document Management

As Oracle moves forward with the 11g Enterprise Content Management Suite, Clients are looking for assistance to take advantage of the new features and to migrate from their current implementations.  Tallgrass Technologies can provide the planning and project resources to accelerate these tasks.  

An example - Using Content Management Technology to streamline Accounts Payables

The #1 issue for this Client was that accounts payable processing was too labor intense (25 employees - Knowledge Workers) were spending up to 40% of their day reconciling what needed to be paid, who needed to be paid, etc.  They were looking for a solution to manage the process and the documents that integrated into their Line of Business Applications.  Tallgrass completed the project using the Oracle technologies.  The results:

  • 80% reduction in the amount of time spent searching for invoices, PO's, contracts, etc.
  • reduction of 40% in the total cost of processing vouchers
  •  60% reduction in the amount of rework (because they now had correct data available for each transaction)
  • Over $300K in "client calculated" savings per year!