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Oracle Database

Oracle is the market leader in this key technology space. The database infrastructure is a key contributor to business efficiencies.  Data needs to be available, quickly provisioned to the applications, and efficient.  Oracle has a number of tools and technologies to support scaling, availability, and performance.  Our Oracle Practice Area team knows how to make the Oracle database technology deliver results for you.  Our expertise includes:

  • Oracle cluster design and implementation
  • Oracle Database versions 9 - 12
  • Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Automatic Storage Manager (ASM)
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control
  • Oracle Data Guard
  • Data Modeling
  • Administrative functions:  Backup, Recovery, Failover, High Availability
  • Database Migrations
  • Database Cross-Platform Migrations
  • Performance Management
  • Capacity Planning

Here are some examples of results provided to our clients around Oracle Databases:

Standardizing/consolidating the database infrastructure

There were multiple instances and multiple versions of Oracle databases across multiple hardware platforms.  This happened as different developers built solutions for different customers over time.  The new CIO recognized that this was a "problem waiting to explode".  Oracle recommended they call Tallgrass.

We reviewed their infrastructure, their processing volumes and their administrative processes.  Our recommendations for Oracle licensing was accepted.  We acquired the licenses for the client.  We assisted them in their consolidation.  The problem was averted.

Reducing processing time

Their challenge was getting required processing done within the SLA windows they had negotiated with their clients.  The environment included Solaris servers, Oracle databases and Microsoft SQL databases.  Tallgrass reviewed their environment and processing with the goal of reducing the time to meet the contractual SLAs.  Deliverables included:

  • Updated the hardware (to T-5s) to provide processing resources for the immediate and future volumes
  • Led a performance and tuning engagement, which included a review of code and infrastructure.  The results were a significant reduction in processing times:
    • One job was reduced from 11 hours to less than 1/2 hour
    • Another job was reduced rom 9 hours to 5 hours
    • Similar results across multiple other jobs

Modernizing/Updating Infrastructure

In preparation for continued growth this client was acquiring a new infrastructure to manage their Oracle e-Business applications and Business Intelligence Foundation.  Their interest was in a solid foundational architecture that took advantage of both Industry and Oracle "best practices".  They engaged Tallgrass to design an architecture for the future.  We developed the architecture, IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE CLIENT, and then were engaged to implement the developed architecture.

The architecture included Development, Test, Production and Disaster Recovery components around Oracle SPARC systems and blade servers from Cisco.  We started with a need for a hardware architecture design.  The design led to an engagement for implementation.  The ability to deliver architecture and implementation was the Business Value provided by the Tallgrass Technologies team.