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Given the dominance of the Oracle technologies and their importance supporting so many business-critical applications, Tallgrass has invested in both skills and relationships to ensure our clients have access to highly skilled Oracle expertise.  Our team focuses on the core technologies as well as architecture, design, deployment, configuration utilizing proven best practices bringing true value to their spend.  Our offerings for Oracle include:

Oracle Database

Oracle is the market leader in this key technology space. The database infrastructure is a key contributor to business efficiencies.  Data needs to be available, quickly provisioned to the applications, and efficient.  Oracle has a number of tools and technologies to support scaling, availability, and performance.  Our Oracle Practice Area team knows how to make these technologies deliver results for you.  Our expertise includes:

  • Oracle cluster design and implementationUmbrella.jpg
  • Oracle Database versions 9 - 12
  • Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Automatic Storage Manager (ASM)
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control
  • Oracle Data Guard
  • Data Modeling
  • Administrative functions:  Backup, Recovery, Failover, High Availability
  • Database Migrations
  • Database Cross-Platform Migrations
  • Performance Management
  • Capacity Planning

Here are some examples of results provided to our clients around Oracle Databases:

Consolidating the database infrastructure

The Client had multiple instances and multiple versions of Oracle databases across multiple hardware platforms.  This happened as different developers built solutions for different customers over time.  The new CIO recognized that this was a "problem waiting to explode".  Oracle recommended they call Tallgrass.

We reviewed their infrastructure, their processing volumes, and their administrative processes.  We made a recommendation for Oracle licensing.  We acquired the licenses for the client.  We assisted them in their consolidation.  The problem was averted.

Reducing processing time

This Client's challenge was getting required processing done within the SLA windows they had negotiated with their clients.  The environment included Solaris and Windows servers and Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases.  Tallgrass reviewed their environment and processing with the goal of reducing the time to meet the contractual SLAs. 

  • Updated the hardware (to Oracle T-5s) to provide processing resources for the immediate and future volumes
  • Led a performance and tuning engagement, which included a review of code and infrastructure.  The results were a significant reduction in processing times:
    • One job was reduced from 11 hours to less than 1/2 hour
    • Another job was reduced from 9 hours to 5 hours
    • Similar results across multiple other jobs

Modernizing/Updating Infrastructure

In preparation for continued growth this Client was acquiring a new infrastructure to manage their Oracle e-Business Suite applications and Business Intelligence Foundation.  Their interest was in a solid foundational architecture that took advantage of both Industry and Oracle "best practices".  They engaged Tallgrass to design an architecture for the future.  We developed the architecture, IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE CLIENT, and then were engaged to implement the developed architecture.

The architecture included Development, Test, Production and Disaster Recovery components around Oracle SPARC systems and blade servers from Cisco.  We started with a need for a hardware architecture design.  The design led to an engagement for implementation.  The ability to deliver architecture and implementation was the Business Value provided by the Tallgrass Technologies team.

Oracle Middleware

Oracle's capabilities include Application Servers, Identity and Access Management, Single Sign On, tools for heterogeneous replication and more.  Our expertise includes:

  • WebLogic
  • Identity Management 
  • SOA 
  • Infrastructure Architecture

An Example - Providing Single Sign on

The project was to integrate 10G Discovery into new versions of the eBusiness Suite so this Client's users could continue to access the business systems and use existing reports to manage their business areas.  Tallgrass was engaged to eliminate the need for rewriting many of the access routines and reports, which would have resulted in delays.

Post-Installation Support for Oracle eBusiness Applications

Imagine managing the supply chain, dealing with inventory, shipping products, or the manufacturing process without the assistance of these business applications.  The same case applies to human resources, tracking vacations and PTO, billing customers and financial reporting.  Business applications are the engine room of many company organizations.

Providing application support for the Oracle applications requires both knowledge in the Oracle technologies and Functional Application expertise to maximize the value you derive from the applications.

When you have Oracle technical expertise on staff, the decisions you make are based on how to maximize your investments and relevance to the business with these skills.  Do you have these resources support the core business applications?  Do you have them focus on innovations that will drive new value for the business?  Or, if you do both, what is the impact?

Many clients have decided that the most prudent direction for their investments is to engage an Oracle expert like Tallgrass Technologies to take responsibility for the core business applications performance and support.  With the right delivery model, Oracle Support Services can reduce your cost of support.  This increases your return on your people investments.  It allows your costly and scarce Oracle resources to focus on those innovations that will impact your business going forward. 

Because we specialize in supporting the application infrastructure and the functional requirements, we have a knowledge base that creates a more proactive support offering for your end users and their execution of the critical business processes that drive value and revenue for your business.  This is a win-win investment.

The Tallgrass value proposition includes a disciplined delivery methodology, expertise across the multiple components of the Oracle Application stack, a team of resources to support basic and advanced incidents, and US based resources.  Our focus combines rapid response with the expertise to manage the environment proactively - reducing the number of incidents experienced by the users, which increases their satisfaction.  This contributes to the mission of IT relevance.

Business Intelligence

Making data into actionable information and having the analytics to make faster and better business decisions are operational imperatives for continued business success.  This component of our Oracle practice brings 20 years of experience and over 200 projects as resources for our Client projects.  From Essbase to the Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, the Tallgrass team provides consulting and project implementation to help you maximize your investments in Oracle's BI technologies.

An example - Upgrading the Business Intelligence foundation

The client licensed the Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite (BIFS) to consolidate their collection of Oracle BI applications.  The immediate tactical objective was to implement this new suite on a new hardware platform.  This included replacing Informatics with ODI, migrating Essbase Cubes to the newest version, and migrating Dashboards so the users could take advantage of new capabilities.  A key deliverable is to help the client prepare a roadmap for the future to increase their value in their Business Intelligence investments by enabling more users to manage their performance faster and more effectively.

Content and Document Management

Clients are using technology to increase collaboration and reduce the cost of managing business processes.  If they are starting new or upgrading, Clients are looking for assistance to take advantage of the new features and to maximize their business values.  Tallgrass Technologies can provide the planning and project resources to accelerate these tasks.  

An example - Using Content Management Technology to streamline Accounts Payables

The #1 issue for this Client was that accounts payable processing was too labor intense (25 employees - Knowledge Workers) were spending up to 40% of their day reconciling what needed to be paid, who needed to be paid, etc.  They were looking for a solution to manage the process and the documents that integrated into their Line of Business Applications.  Tallgrass completed the project using the Oracle technologies.  The results:

  • 80% reduction in the amount of time spent searching for invoices, PO's, contracts, etc.
  • reduction of 40% in the total cost of processing vouchers
  •  60% reduction in the amount of rework (because they now had correct data available for each transaction)
  • Over $300K in "client calculated" savings per year!


Your choice of a partner often determines your success.  Choose the best - Choose Tallgrass Technologies