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​US Based Services Support Models

What does Tallgrass Support?     

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How does Tallgrass Support?


Dedicated & Project Based Model

  • Support Oracle and Microsoft Application and Infrastructures
  • Dedicated resources by Practice Area with Supporting PMO and Practice Director Support
  • A consistent set of controls, processes and techniques
  • Early identification of  'at risk' issues 
  • Managing change so that potential impacts to the program are known, planned, and controlled
  • Managing issues so that they are visible to program management and the resolution is expedited
  • An integrated view of the project milestones, schedules, status, resources, and costs

Shared Resource Model


  • Resource Flexibility within Base Hour Allotment
  • Proactively Address Recurring Problems
  • Affordable – Based on a Blended Rate Structure
  • Experienced  Highly Skilled US Based Consultants
  • Senior Technical Oversight as a value add
  • A Practice Team not low end resources
  • A BLENEDED Resource Rate for all Support
  • All Resources are USA Based
  • But most of all Value & Quality


  • After a review of historical tickets a target number or incidents at the appropriate severity level is determined
  • Based on those targets Resource Hours are Estimated
  • We then take the total number of hours by skill set and develop a blended bill rate
  • The Blended Rate will be utilized for all work included in the Base Hours.
  • Should Base Hours be expended, additional charges will be at the "Rate/Hr. Exceed Max" Resource Rate.
  • The actual hours by skill are reviewed monthly and adjusted quarterly based on usage and client agreement


Tallgrass will provide dedicated account management staff which will work directly with our clients to provide key performance indicators and status reports each month.  These reports can be provided in both the Dedicated and Shared Services Models.

Sample of current clients metrics reporting:

  • Proactive Maintenance In Progress/Completed REPORTS.png
  • Projects In Progress/Completed
  • Current Open Tickets – With Current Status
  • Tickets Resolved in December By Type & Priority
  • Resources Required to Resolve December Tickets
  • Hours Utilized – Monitoring, Maintenance, Project, Support
  • Response SLA's Met By Priority 
  • Restore SLA's Met By Priority 

Tallgrass Technologies has the experience and resources to give your business an efficient and effective blend of varied IT services.  Our motto is why hire a guy when you can get a team.

Don’t delay critical projects because you don’t have the right skill mix.